Decoding My Medical Mystery

The last two months have been full of bloodwork, medicine, needles. On the day before mother’s day (May 12, 2018), I was admitted from my 3rd ER visit in 6 weeks for what we thought was a MS flare. I had previously had a bout of Optic Neuritis (2016), weakness and tingling in my extremities- particularly my right side.

At the time of admitting me I was unable to walk without someone helping supporting my body upright, nausea and vomiting that had lasted for 6 weeks, a gastro work up that turned up nothing, 2 other ER visits that sent me home on the assumption of a viral infection, extreme fatigue. In the ER, my fiancé, Jason, fought to have an MRI done over the suggested CT scan that would not have picked up the lesion causing my symptoms.  I honestly believe that if he was not with me I might not be here today because too many people were just shrugging off my symptoms.

I had an 1.5 hour MRI and was admitted immediately, they had found TM and I was becoming increasingly weaker as time went on.  I had a 5 day IV steroid treatment which didn’t improve much. So, I was transferred to Albany Medical Center on May 17th for plasmapheresis. Between therapy and the plasma exchange I am walking again, albeit with a walker, but at least my mobility is not totally gone. Here’s hoping for no more flares and that I can keep fighting to get my mobility back to normal over the summer.

I am so very grateful to have been blessed with so many amazing people helping us out and praying for my quick recovery. Since the onset of my symptoms I have had to quit my profession as a daycare provider, and I am homing to use my time to spread awareness and advocate for patients, caregivers and anyone else effected by this disease.

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