Diagnosed 5-19-2021


My story begins on February 16th, 2021. I have spent 40 years in public service and was approximately 2 months from retirement.  On this particular day, I received a medical procedure from my orthopedics to numb the nerves in my neck for a pain assement review. The following day, I recieved the first moderna covid 19 immunizaion shot. My orthopedic doctor was aware of this and said there was no conflicting problem. Within 24 hours of the first moderna shot, my toes and feet were numb. I notified the orthopedic doctor and he said the lower body has to do with the lumbar area of spine not the neck and just monitor. 

On February 23, 2021, I received an additional injection in my neck for pain assessement.  Within a week , I received my second moderna immunization shot. The numbness continued up my legs, into my trunk area. I had the urge to discharge waste and urinine but could not feel the discharge leaving my body. I called the doctor who recommended an immediate ER visit.  Unable to make a diagnosis and an MRI reflecting my lumbar area was normal, the ER discharged me with a referral to Neurology. 

Ten days later I ended up in the hospital with steriods and having plasmapharisis treatments, the initial diagnosis was Transverse Myelitis,  after two weeks in the hospital and many more tests I was formally diagonsed with NMO.  The review of the MRI with the Neurology team was scary to say the least.  I have lesions from brainstem down cervical spine (discribed as extreme demyelination) which has me left with complete numbness below the waist, a “band” tightening around my waist as well as extreme fatigue.  Fortunately I can still walk and this hasn’t effected my vision, yet.  I look forward to working with Neurologists that can help me get on the path to recovery and pray for remission!  I just retired and am ready to tackle this headon to get well enough to enjoy the retirement chapter of my life with my wife and family.

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