Diagnosed maybe NMO

Hello All, it has been so great to have the opportunity to read the many stories and hurdles many of you have shared. I wanted to ask if any one has had the same type situation or simliar conditions. I am told I have NMO. I do not have any eye involvement, nor do I test for the blood test. You will have to forgive me because my memory has really gotten worse since my illness as to where I forget very simple things and things I have just read, etc.

i became ill in 2008. I got into the pool and had no feeling on my right leg as to hot or cold. Only symptom at that time. Went to doctor, MRI’s done I was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. Went to two specialist (DUKE and MUSC). Both neuro surgeons stated they did not feel it was a tumor. Neither was sure what it was. My long ordeal then began. I have been tentatively diagnosed with the following: neuro sarcoidosis, transverse myelitis, MS, and just unknown. I have been on steroids for the past 4 years, which has caused major damage (osteopenia, steroid induced cateract surgery, weight gain from 136 to 200. Buffalo hump, etc). I have loss of sensation below the waist, tight band around my middle, numbess and tinglening in both feet, extreme fatigue, depression. etc. Can’t tolerate heat, neurogenic bladder, new numbess in right hand. I know I meet the criteria of NMO (spectrum disorder) which states limitaton to spine, which that seems to be my problem. I have started Rutixn without any problems. However, I have had new lesions for no reason and whith NMO the damage is usually permanent. So far my is. I am not able at this time to use my left leg and think maybe after breaking my ankle and having pins put in, I ma have a reaction to them, I will have to have the removed and hope I can regain my walking ability Thank you for your time. Please if anyone has a similar situation, let me know. Candy

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