Every story is different… Blessed with all the support system


Every story is different…It all happened 3.5 years back, when I was 25 years old, being a young budding General Surgeon with all the hope of treating my patients with my hands.  It was a routine day, woke up to go to hospital where I was working, but I noticed pain in my eye, took it causally, strangely I noticed difference in my vision when I was walking down to my hospital, scheduled my visit with the eye specialist, the same afternoon, after the checkup.. they said its beyond the eye (retrobulbar neuritis).. then the neurologist, started on Solumedrol, never expected what was coming my way in the next few days which left me completely blind in one eye, inability to use my left hand, leg.. days went on with no recovery, multiple hospitals, finally 3 months later I met my Neurologist, who said there is something not alright, admitted to hospital, multiple investigations and finally he broke the silence.. NMO of which I have no clue till then.. shattered dreams.. shattered parents… then came the hope of plasmapheresis..  5 rounds of plasmapheresis, vision improved slightly with weakness getting better. I was eager to go back to my work.. then stuck the second episode taking back the vision I have recovered, as a second line started on Inj Rituximab.. mentally upset, physically weak.. not knowing what next but with will to get back to my dream work.. thanks to my parents, Professors without whom I would never have expected my normal life back, following multiple sessions of counselling reconciled myself back, got back to my patients.. then new lash of life started.. learnt Braille, became transcriptor for Braille helping young kids to conquer their dreams, I became a General Surgeon clearing my exit exam. Now I am still happy to say I am a Plastic surgery Resident in one of the prestigious institute on multiple immunosupressants and It’s my story.. only thing which kept me going was my parents, my strong wish to get back to my patient care.. Don’t let NMO overwhelm you..


  1. Craig Klein on December 29, 2019 at 2:06 am

    Incredible experience and amazing resilience. I hope your future remains bright and your persistence never to fade. NMO takes more than it gives; glad you still have so much left for yourself and future.

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