F.E.A.R. – Face Everything And Rise

October 3rd, 2008. It’s been 8 years ago that I woke up and could NOT see anything. Marks the days that my health would be slowly going downhill. Getting rushed to the hospital, ran under different blood tests, doing numerous CT scans and countless MRIs, was just the beginning for me having more questions than answers. Lying there only thinking will I ever be able to see my family again?! Every time with my mom leaving my side kissing me bye on the forehead, feeling the hurt and confusion in her voice. Will my vision come back or have I lost it for good?!?! What is wrong with me?!?! Lying there feeling helpless, confused, and scared.

In the beginning, losing my vision twice, running any and all types of blood test MRIs, CT scans, etc. only to find out I was being diagnosed with one of the most rarest diseases out there. Doctors literally walking around with question marks over their heads because they had no clue what to do with me. Months later, a relapse and I lost feeling in both my legs and right back in the hospital I went. I still have constant numbness still to this very day. A little later down the road I lost complete function and feeling of my right arm, and to this day still goes in and out with a large amount of nerve damage.

January 2013. I spent my birthday in the hospital. Why? Because yet again without a warning, I went blind. For the third time.

I am in daily fear of what I will wake up to, what I will encounter throughout the day.
Every day pain.
Everyday is a struggle.
Everyday is a battle.
Most people have never heard of it. That’s ok. I for one, was one of those people that at first was like “wtf is that?!?!” And to finally learn what it was, was devastating.
To this day, October 3rd, 2016, it’s every other month blood work and treatments if needed, MRIs every few months. It’s exhausting.
When people ask new what it is, I tell them to Google it. Educate themselves!!! ?????
Learn about my disease and the other rare diseases out there. Because for the most part I am tired of hearing, “you don’t look like anything is wrong with you” “you look fine and healthy”
Knowledge is key???.
When you go through a rough time, do you choose to forget everything and run or face everything and rise?
For me, I choose to
Face everything And Rise!!

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