Family of 4

Craig Klein

My name is Craig, and I live in Denver, CO these days. I have two beautiful children, a soon to be 3 year old and recently celebrated 2 month old. I run 2x p/week, strength train 2-3x p/week and not-so secretly aspire to run a 100-mile race (just entered the lottery for a famed Colorado 100 miler).

In the Spring of 2015, I had an overpriced everything in Washington, DC (same wife!), a screaming headache, vision loss and a new condition. Without mincing words, I am very very lucky. I had a concerned partner, health insurance, and a bevy of specialists in the Mid-Atlantic to be referred to.

From breakthrough symptom(s), solumedrol, to spinal tap, to first infusion of Rituxin, probably….about 4 weeks. I have a disease, and it took a while, but I am 20/20 in both eyes. This isn’t to say I am alone or have a secret, just that, different outcomes for unknown reasons. I am sero-positive with 1 attack and just about fully recovered, no asterisk, truly. At the sub-clinical level, I might be dying slowly and about to pop, but I won’t fret that just yet.

I find so much hope, strength and outright stubbornness with people’s stories, I am beyond humbled and motivated. Honestly, I went to the site this evening to read details on 2020’s Patient Day, and got to reading brave stories from others and felt it was necessary and potentially helpful to share.

To everyone reading and writing stories: Thank you

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