How? I was SO healthy!

Maureen Smith

For a year I was super healthy, dropped 100lbs and was well on my way to my dream career. In the matter of 3 months, my entire life had changed. For 2 months my doctor ran every test they could think of while I had dropped almost 30 lbs from the inability to keep anything in me. I couldn’t eat, drink, stand up, lay down. What just happened? I was eating healthy, was running about 4 miles a day and more active than I’d ever been. Then one day it’s like the world stopped spinning. I woke up, I went back to work, I could eat a little bit. I was so happy, I thought for sure I could get back to life. Joke was on me, one day the longer I sat at work the worse my “headache” was, then I realized I couldn’t see my computer screen. That day I went to urgent care, the dr told me to get an mri the next day. I went for an mri came out and there was tingling in my legs, my dr ordered me to the er. I went to the er and the dr looked at my mri, he sent me to another hospital because he said I was having a stroke. All I could think was I am 33 years old what do you mean a stroke? I got to said hospital where I was met with this dr. He took one look at me, told everyone to get admittance paperwork ready immediately, I was not having a stroke. He sent me for an mri that lasted somewhere between 4-6 hours to be sure he didn’t miss anything. When it was over he came in and explained what was going on, and started treatment immediately. At this point I had lost my vision, two weeks later I was readmitted because it progressed and I lost my mobility. Fast forward to today, I am walking, jogging, driving and have a great job. I also have 3 amazing children and if it weren’t for the drs who had been taking care of me around the clock I wouldn’t be where I am. Although I still have really hard days and I’m still dealing with anger and resentment for not having my dream job, I am blessed and grateful for each day I can see my kids, my mom and dad and another sunset. I have learned to start enjoying life and now take trips so I have those memories. 

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