Lost in Paradise


I was diagnosed with N.M.O. on Aug of 2014. Was somewhat retiring, when I started helping a friend run a paintball field.

After about ten years of working there, I was hit below my right ear, near my neck and spine. 30 min after I left the field, my right arm started to go numb. Then both my legs and then my left arm. I was paralyzed from the neck down.

Went thru the plasma- exchange, cordazone, M.R.I, Imuran, the Rituxan infusions, P. T.O.T. Movement in my legs and arms in about 4 months. Things were looking better!

Then I relasped. Both left and right arms and hands went to pins and needles and no feelings in my fingertips. All the side effects from the meds and trying to coupe with learning how to use my hands again. It’s been two years now and nothing has changed! I want to try and help in the research clinics, but living in Hawai’i is really hard to do.

So if I can get some info on how to go about this I would thank you very much! Aloha!

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