My Ester

My daughter Nadia Santos is 26 years old. She is a wife and a mother of a three year old. Nadia’s symptoms began in September in and out of emergency rooms, Nadia’s symptoms continued to progress from weakness, nausea, vomiting, fever, blurry vision and loss of motor skills on her entire right side. The left side was NOT affected. Nadia was first diagnosed with latent TB; Autoimmune Hepatitis; Sjogrens disease; and after an MRI of the brain and spine, she was diagnosed with NMO.

On top of all kinds of neuropathy medications and muscle relaxers, she was given 7 treatments of Plasma exchange and Rituxan. It appeared Nadia was getting better. She regained some of her motor skills and was sent to an in-patient rehab. There after just a week Nadia was able to take 140 steps which was wonderful, however the very next day Nadia started experiencing seizures. Now if she moves her left leg, she triggers a seizure. An MRI of the brain revealed Nadia had more lesions. It has been approximately 1 month since Nadia received the plasma exchange and she now has to receive 7 more treatments.

Nadia takes over 15 medications on a daily basis, and Rituxan once a month. These past three months have been very difficult for us. It seems that Nadia gives 2 steps forward and 8 backwards. Nadia is a fighter, I call her Ester from the bible because of her faith; will power; and most of all her strength. We are praying for a miracle. Please if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this process easier or anything you have found to help the healing process I would love to hear it.

A praying mother.

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