My Journey MS/NMO

I was diagnosed with Pseudo tumor in 2003 by one doc and another said MS. I had optic neuritis in right eye and spots in the brain matter. Neg spinal fluid test for MS. A shunt was placed for draining spinal fluid. I lost most of the vision in my right eye and rarely felt good. Then in 2009 I had another flare up and it has damaged my left eye. I was put on high dose IV steroids and again told I had MS. A year later after switching docs because the doc I was seeing decided he wasn’t sure where to go with my treatment at that point because no new lesions had shown up on a MRI as he had expected. The new doc after much discussion decided that he was going to do a test for NMO Because I didn’t meet all the criteria for MS. The test was positive and I am now getting infusions every 6 months with a drug called Rituxin. I am hoping for the best and live my life One Day at a Time. Still don’t understand but it is what it is.:)

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