My long journey to NMO

Over the past 4.5 years I have had 9 major surgeries hips replaced, hysterectomy, spinal surgeries, and blood transfusions, transforming my healthy, fit, body into a shell of what it used to be:(

I was diagnosed with MS initially in APRIL of 2016 after a year of intense physical therapy at Barrow Neurological institute. The neurologist wasn’t certain he was correct and sent me to another specialist in the field of NMO. This neurologist changed the diagnosis to NMO and began treatment with Cellcept. I slowly started feeling worse with multiple side effects. Then we tried Rituxan with solumedrol and I had allergic response. We stopped and tried IVIG. Didn’t really do well on this either. Tried Rituxan without steroids and tolerated well however, still no real improvement in my symptoms and new symptoms surfaced.

Not sure what is next, but I am not feeling well and in excruciating pain in various parts of body with soacicity and eye pain. I’ve run most of family and friends away and don’t know how I will survive, this is a lonely place to be:( hoping I can pay my rent and bills and survive!

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