Mysterious and challenging life experience. Living with NMSOD

Aida Hauyon-Jaramillo

My journey began with a non definitive diagnosed illness, I have learned NMSOD mimics other illnesses from lupus to MS. I stayed at many hospitals with the Hope I would be cured. Had tried all types of medications, from morphine to calm me (mind though at ER everyone thought I lost my mind due to the yelling and screaming out of pain) and the medication did not helped me to calm down. No one could diagnosed what I had.

Had to stay many days. I didn’t even remember how I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t even noticed I could not walk. My weight : 50kg. I refused to eat, so I got intubated first for feeding purposes. I pulled out the tubes I was told, until one day everything slowly changed. I came to my senses. 

Something in me started to tell me I was too young to let go. There was a purpose for me to do in this life. So I worked hard. Physiotherapist noticed my improvement and decided to tell me to stand up, working hard, which paid off at the end. Like a baby, learned to walk. After a year I left the hospital walking by myself. 

But needed more physiotherapy. 

My left eyesight is totally gone. 

But I still write, using my phone, I type this stories. 

For my health condition and my stroke, I was told I was never to walk again. I was 51 at the time. I have a kid. I’m not ready to give up. I learned like a baby to walk again. Working hard and having the support of my family, doctors and nurses and physiotherapists, I was able to walk, after a year and a half of therapy. Thanks to friends, family prayers and support and the encouragement of the people I met and treated me, I could get discharged and walk out of the hospital by myself. 

But I lost my left eyesight.

God gave me a second chance. Doctors and physiotherapists gave me the tools to succeed on my treatment. I’m not cured, but I discovered a new gift. I became a writer. I do it for fun. I do it for my mental health. I use my resilience in my stories to inspire and share awareness about this new illness.

I know having an illness is not an excuse to meet people. In my case it did. There’s still humanity in this world nowadays. 

Thanks to my son, my husband, my family and the doctors and the hospital personnel that helped me get over this illness. 

As same as in one of my stories, 

Against all Odds (not the famous movie) an many other ones I have written, I have inspired many.

Hope I do for more.

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