Stem Cell Transplant

I am 28 years old, a single mom to a beautiful 3 year old daughter and I own my very own styling business. I have done hair and make up starting in my small hometown of WV and it took me as far as LA. All of these things define me but not as much as my recent diagnosis of NMO and how I have become stem cell transplant number 56.

In less than 3 hours I will begin mobilization for a stem cell transplant at North Western Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I came to this hospital seeing treatment for MS and so began my journey to my NMO diagnosis and subsequent approval for what I am hoping is a life changing, life saving transplant.

Dr. Burt will be overseeing this transplant and is treating me off study. Im hoping by receiving this transplant early in diagnosis and young in life that they may find stem cells (my very own) can heal and prevent NMO attacks and progression

I desire to be an advocate for NMO. To provide hope when it seems for patients and our support group there is very little. Im praying I not only survive but that I can jump out of bed and run around my house with my spunky little girl who has been my motivation to fight through this devastating diagnosis. I pray that in some time I will take the handicap sticker off my mirror in my car and most importantly remove this disease from my life.

I’ve raised thousands to be here from a small community where I grew up. it hasn’t been easy and it bills are mounting but so is my hope, determination and strength.

I pray my next story will be one about running around doing the simple things others take for granted. The picture below was taken 6 hours ago with my little one. She held my hand as I shaved my head. My hair that once laid down my back all laying shed on the floor. My first step to shedding this old body as I trust doctors to create a new one. Chemo will begin shortly. I ask for prayers for my baby girl my family and for myself as this journey begins.

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