They Should Of Known

Misdiagnosed for almost 10 years and was taking wrong medication that could harm me. Was told years ago instead of a diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis, I instead might have a disease called Devics Disease due to my worsening symptoms . Mentioned to three different neurologist’s and hospital neurologist’s I have seen who blew me off and continued giving me different MS medication’ s. Was lucky enough two months back to see the same neurologist who stated he felt I had this disease as I am now a patient with him and finally he takes my insurance. He reviewed the years of my medical records and because of me being legally blind in my left eye decided to do one blood test for NMO which came back a few days later 100% positive. I now must start a chemo pill called Imuran or if it has side effects actual Chemo which Prayerfully can slow my disease down as I had to resign apply for SSD and have other medical problems based on straight Progression and wrong treatments which in finding out now could cause me harm. My neurologist who called it in 2004 and again now was 100% correct and said with my many symptoms surely one of my three different neurologist’s specializing in Multiple Sclerosis should have given me this blood test. To mention it constantly while my many admissions in the hospital over the years for “MS Relaspe” as well as what this Neurologist mentioned years ago should have tested me as all my symptoms and history pointed exactly to Devics Disease, NMO. I am crushed now and depressed because no one is willing to invest money on my case because of the expenses and time, but I say, just knowing that unlike with MS when you have Relapse and Remissions, Devics Disease, NMO you progressively get worse and it effects your vision for me started as inflammation and years later I am legally blind as well as lesions to my Spinal Chord, which also started out as one and now have several and located where It may turn into paralysis, which I aslo have years of numbness to my hands and feet which are getting worse.Praying this will not set in due to me being treated with MS medication which did nothing and now with research may harm me as i must start immediately a Chemo pill or actual Chemotherapy. Please I really need help and would love to be the voice all over for people who have been Misdiagnosed, as It is such a rare disease but symptoms and tests to 100% can be diagnosed. I also feel STRONGLY that research says so rare only 4000 patients in the US has this disease where if each and every patient diagnosed with MS because truthfully I feel, freely to say because of it being a “Well Known Disease”. It mimics MS but neurologist’s whom SPECIALIZE IN MS need to be held accountable for knowing and saying this patient CLEARLY has all the signs and symptoms let’s order this simple blood test, knowing the end result can be fatal because of not receiving the correct medication that could of killed me

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