A new chapter in my life

This is how my life changed . I was  51 years old and visiting colleges with my daughter . I came home and had a bad cough which  I thought I caught from being on the plane.  Then  the  next day I couldn’t see.  I spent the next week in the hospital having every test under the sun . They had no clue what it was, and sent me home . The next six months I had severe head pain. Then I was back in the hospital for another week of tests . December of 2016 I took a trip to the Mayo Clinic and by January 2017 my diagnose s came NMO. For 20 years and  4 doctors with many misdiagnoses … Lyme disease , maybe MS, Arthritis , and  Sjogrens.  I finally had a diagnosis . I started seeing a new doctor and started my Rituxan . I have lost my eyesight and was finally approved for Medical Marijuana to help with the pain , which it defiantly did help.  Now I try to live my life but as we all know it’s a daily struggle . Being blind and living with the weakness and exhaustion of this evil disease . Some days are worse than others , there just aren’t any good days. I know it could be worse and I know many people live  with this . I pray for all of us. 

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