Figuring out my condition

I lost my vision in August of 2019 I want to an ophthalmologist who said I had no right has got a second opinion and went to a neuro ophthalmologist who said I had optic neuritis I began to go through a series of tests the next test was a spinal tap which put me in the hospital for a week come to find out they forgot to turn in my specimen and I was in the hospital also for a week for this had to do a second lumbar puncture test became negative had to do a 5-day steroid infusion treatment which left me side effects of numbness headache amongst other things found out shortly afterwards I was positive with nmo antidote or antibody and now one to a neurologist who claims that the pain that I’m having is not from the disease that I have I have numbness facial numbness pain nerve pain and I am not sure where I am with this disease I am currently seeking out the Mayo Clinic at this time I currently can walk was told that all my MRIs for negative for lesions on the spine and on the optic nerve I have an appointment for the Mayo Clinic May 26th I am currently trying to find out if I this is the beginning stages of nmo or is this a relapse or is this a transverse myelitis at this time no one can hear in Kansas City can tell me what that is my doctor told me if I was having the pain I was having I would be paralyzed I’ve been reading up on this disease and it said you could be and or paralyzed leading to paralysis isn’t a paralyzed person someone who cannot feel anything I don’t know where I am with this disease


  1. Taylor on April 6, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    How are you now? Did you ever get answers?

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