I need help

Hello ! I am the Drita Zekaj I want to tell my painful history.

I am 32 years old and 3 years, and I suffer from this terrible disease. it mielite encefalea disease has destroyed my life in all of the ways we have come to function, outside the body all parts.

My life  has become a hell for real. 3 years ago I was a very normal person who would go to work. I am also a mother of an 8 -year-old girl. My dismantled within a month of the first distress all my dreams have been standing by to give the body numbness crisis and then a terrible spinal pain. I can’t even walk or stay sitting, and I can’t go to the toilet- just can do nothing. Now I cant even move my hands to eat by myself. In my state in Albania doesn’t exist any cure for my disease.

Please if anyone can help me write me back to me. Thanks for understanding.

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